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NOK 50,- EACH EXCEPT OS-4512 AND OS-4513: NOK 95,- EACH
Label   Cat. no vinyl;CD       Artist            Title(s)

Oscar   OS-4501;CD-OS-4501     Lars Grande       Elvira Madigan

Oscar   OS-4502;CD-OS-4502     The Tomfools      Stå på - rock on!
                                                 She's Going Away

Oscar   OS-4503;coming...?     The Tomfools      Cactus Flower
                                                 Limping Jam
Oscar   OS-4504;CD-OS-4504     The Tomfools      Sandslottet
                                                 Men Sekresjefen sa
Oscar   OS-4505;CD-OS-4505     Electric Friends  Da titter solen frem
                                                 Shout Out Loud

Oscar   OS-4506;CD-OS-4506     The Tomfools      Deepcleaning Lotion
                                                 Man With a Hole
Oscar   OS-4507;CD-OS-4507     The Tomfools      Shout Out Loud
                                                 Snart har du ingen Tomfool å tråkke på no' mer

Oscar   CD only;OC-4002        The Tomfools      WELCOME TO THE AMAZING WORLD OF...
                                                 Stå på - rock on! (live)
                                                 Man With a Hole (live)
                                                 Try (live)
                                                 Deepcleaning Lotion (live)
                                                 Cactus Flower (live)
                                                 Snart har du ingen Tomfool å tråkke på no' mer (live)
                                                 (recorded "live" 7. oct. 1989)

Oscar   OS-4508/9;vinyl only   The Tomfools      DOUBLE SINGLE
                                                 May It Be (The Xmas Song)
                                                 Suzy Parker & Annie Mare
                                                 Try (Live)

Oscar   CD only;coming...?     The Tomfools      Try (Live)

Oscar   CD only;OC-4509        The Tomfools      May It Be (The Xmas Song)
                                                 Susy Parker & Annie Mare

Oscar   OS-4510;CD-OS-4510     Anette Sjåsæt     No'n ord
                                                 Love Is Now
Oscar   OS-4511;CD-OS-4511     The Tomfools      Fairy-Tale Princess
                                                 Yellow Submarine

Oscar   CD only;OS-5512        The Tomfools      The Hymn of Love
                                                 Fairy-Tale Princess
                                                 Verdens undergang
                                                 Slutt på jobb

Oscar   OS-4512;vinyl only     The Tomfools      The Hymn of Love
                                                 Slutt på jobb

Ripsaw  212;vinyl only         Tex Rubinowitz    Bad Boy
                                                 Feelin' Right Tonight

Ripsaw  213;vinyl only         Billy Hancock     The Boogie Disease
                                                 Knock-Kneed Nellie

Ripsaw  214;vinyl only         Tex Rubinowitz    Hot Rod Man
                                                 Ain't It Wrong

Ripsaw  215;vinyl only         Billy Hancock     Miss Jessie Lee
                                                 I'm Satisfied

Ripsaw  216;vinyl only         Billy Hancock     Redskin Rock'n Roll
                                                 Lonely Blue Boy

Ripsaw  217;vinyl only         Martha Hull       Feelin' Right Tonight
                                                 Fujiyama Mama

Ripsaw  219;vinyl only         Kid Tater         Wheels On Fire
                               & The Cheaters    You Oughta Know Better

Wix     W-101;vinyl only       Ray Smith         Break-Up
                                                 Room Full of Roses

Long Playing (CDs only)

NOK 130,- each
Label   Cat. no   Artist               Title

Oscar   OL-5001   The Tomfools         ANNA KRONISMER
                                       Shout Out Loud
                                       Cactus Flower
                                       Susy Parker & Annie Mare
                                       I'm Happy Now
                                       Sweet Little Sixteen
                                       May It Be (The Xmas Song)
                                       Stå på - rock on!
                                       Deepcleaning Lotion
                                       Men Sekresjefen sa
                                       Man With a Hole
                                       She's Going Away
                                       Snart har du ingen Tomfool å tråkke på no' mer
                                       Hippy Hippy Shake

Oscar   OL-5002    Paul Fitzgerald     THE SKATING TENOR
                                       The Impossible Dream
                                       So Deep Is The Night
                                       No Regrets
                                       Unchained Melody
                                       Love Changes Everything
                                       My Way
                                       It's Now Or Never
                                       Oh! My Papa
                                       Danny Boy
                                       Annies Song
                                       You Are The One
                                       Think On Me
                                       I Believe
                                       Bless This House
                                       The Lost Chord
                                       The Holy City
                                       The Last Train
                                       May It Be
                                       Auld Lang Syne
                                       Nessun Dorma

Oscar   OL-5003    the willy b review  THAT'S IT !
                                       Radio Aftenposten Jingle featuring 'Memphis Tennessee' (1)
                                       I'm Gonna Be A Wheel Someday
                                       Sexy Legs And Her Daddy's Cash
                                       Motor Messiahs
                                       Diddy Wah Diddy
                                       When The Night Falls
                                       If I Stay Too Long
                                       Silverspoon Delivery
                                       The Boy That Radiates The Charm
                                       Land Of The Living Dead (live)
                                       No. 9 Train (live)
                                       Bad Mouthin' (live)
                                       Silverspoon Delivery (live)
                                       Evil Devil Of The Female Kind
                                       Thank You That's All
                                       Rock FM Jingle
                                       Rock Shop (2)
                                       Memphis Tennessee (3)
(1) with DJ: Rune Halland.
(2) bonus track by Vera Cruise & The Psycodasies
(3) bonus track by Bitten & Willy

Oscar   OL-500(4)  Paul Fitzgerald     POLAR STAR
                                       Polar Star
                                       My Heart Will Go On
                                       The Hymn Of Love
                                       A Time For Us
                                       Miss You Nights
                                       If You Love Me
                                       You're My Woman
                                       Just As Long As You Believe
                                       World In Union
                                       Love Made Me A Fool
                                       Waltzing Through Time
                                       One Hand One Heart
                                       Recondita Armonia
                                       Nessun Dorma

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